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Are energy-efficient and maintenance-free!

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Energy Star – Most Efficient 2019


Learn why Regency windows were selected as Most Efficient 2016.

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Regency 400 Series


Check out the Regency 400 Series brochure for more information on these windows.

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Regency Windows


Check out the Regency Windows brochure for more information on these windows.

Residential Window Sales and Installations in Ottawa

At Ener-Tight Windows & Doors in Ottawa, we carry Regency vinyl windows from Gentek that are the ideal windows for your home because of their easy upkeep and durability. These beautiful residential windows are made in Canada and are created to be exceptionally strong as well as be more energy efficient for your home. We carry both the Regency line and the Regency 400 Series window line.

Beautiful, Custom Doors for Your Home


From unique, front-entry doors to classic styles for inside your home.

Regency Windows


These residential windows are engineered for excellent thermal efficiency and they have many best-in-class features to ensure a weathertight fit, including:

  • Fusion-welded sash and masterframe for strength and structural integrity

  • Steel-reinforced meeting rails for fortification and secure mounting

  • Energy-saving design

  • Renovation masterframe to accommodate different installation methods

  • Design versatility – selection of many accessories to achieve the ideal look

Regency 400 Series Windows


The Regency 400 Series vinyl windows offer a more modern look while improving the energy efficiency of your home. They come in many different styles and feature:

  • Renovation masterframe 400 – heavy-duty, 4-1/2” welded ridged vinyl and multi-chamber frame

  • IntegraWeld fusion welded sashes with triple weather-stripping

  • Superior energy-efficient design

  • Custom thermal performance

  • Environmentally friendly design

For more information on our residential windows please contact us, or if you would like a free, in-home estimate, please request a quote.

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